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​As an immigrant physician and scientist, I'm devoted to helping first-generation Hispanic/Latinx aspiring doctors and scientists. Together, we'll conquer imposter syndrome, lack of role models, language barriers, and limited family support, forging a path to success!

My books, newsletter articles, and keynote speeches provide information about the importance of equal representation in science and medicine, motivation to pursue your dream of becoming a doctor despite the obstacles, and inspiration by sharing the stories of other immigrant and first-generation Hispanic/Latino physicians and scientists who have shown us that   ¡si se puede!


I inspire students

to overcome fear and self-doubt

so that they can confidently decide

if a career in medicine and science

is right for them.

I help physicians and scientists

go outside of their comfort zone

to explore careers

beyond the clinic or academic lab.​


My heart sank when she said she’s been the only Latina in the room. It makes me want to work harder to support URM students. I was also shocked that we make up 22% of young adults and so few apply to medical school.

Karina, premed student

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"I am not going to tell you that it's going to be easy.
I am going to tell you that it's going to be worth it." @undoctorporfavor
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