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Hispanic child at the Doctor


I believe in the importance of linguistically- and culturally-competent health care to improve patient outcomes within the Hispanic/Latinx community.

I believe in three pillars that can help us combat the underrepresentation of Hispanics/Latinos in science and medicine: information, motivation, and inspiration.

My content includes a variety of books, a newsletter, inspirational videos, and talks to help you as a minority student or physician:

  • get the information you need to make decisions about your future 

  • understand why you are needed

  • learn from others who have gone through the same challenges before and succeeded

  • gain the confidence you need to pursue your dream of becoming a doctor or scientist.


Whether you want to learn more about the reasons for the underrepresentation of Hispanic/Latinx physicians, find out what your career options are if you go into medicine and science, or get motivated to pursue your goals, my content may be able to help.



Infant mortality in the United states from Un doctor por favor book

In my books, talks and social media content, I share information to raise our awareness of the current state of the Hispanic population in terms of educational attainment and health outcomes. My goal is to go beyond the numbers and help readers recognize that culturally and linguistically competent healthcare providers can make a positive difference in the health outcomes of the Hispanic population in the U.S.



Despite the sobering facts regarding the underrepresentation of the Hispanic/Latinx community in medicine and science, which we must be aware of, my content does not present a gloomy picture of the status of health or education among Hispanics. On the contrary, my research has revealed a wonderful truth: we have made remarkable progress. When looking at the data over time, the number of Hispanics obtaining a bachelor's degree has doubled in the last decade, and there are more Hispanics going to college and more than ever going to medical school. The future is bright and ¡Si se puede! (Yes we can!) get to a point where at least there are as many Hispanics in health care as there are individuals of any other race or ethnicity. I often share motivational quotes and videos. Who doesn't need un poco de ánimo from time to time?

SI SE PUEDE image from @undoctorporfavor
latina girl playing with stethoscope



One of the main reasons behind the lack of representation of Hispanic/Latinx people in medicine and science is the lack of role models and mentors. I interview many successful physicians and scientists whose relatable stories serve as an inspiration for us all. 
I also post videos on the lives of famous physicians and scientists who are no longer with us but whose legacy has inspired generations of students.
I share these stories during my talks.

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